Singapore start-up creates new Jamu drink for diabetics to manage blood sugar levels


Jamu is made up of a mixture of herbs and spices together with leaves, seeds, fruits, barks and bouquets. Some jamu goods also consist of honey, milk and other animal-derived elements.

End users of jamu swear by this regular treatment to enhance immunity, deliver energy, and increasing digestion.

It is usually offered by small traders in marketplaces, as effectively by recognized, major companies this sort of as Sido Muncul.

Now JAMU by Dana Safia has been introduced in Singapore. Safia launched the company in January 2021 with the intention to make jamu for distinct shopper teams mainly because, “every single organic technique is diverse, and ordinarily, most small distributors and larger sized gamers ?never serve certain demographics?.”

The agency 1st introduced its jamu collection for adult men and girls, brewed with substances reported to support strengthen cognitive perform, digestion, stop irritation, boost immune method and vitality.

The substances in the jamu for females comprise of turmeric, nutmeg, tamarind, red ginger, betel leaf, black pepper, palm sugar and a lot more.

The men’s recipe consists of a mix of three different forms of ginger – Javanese ginger, crimson ginger and Chinese ginger, alongside fenugreek, cardamom, betel leaf and black pepper.

Jamu 2

This thirty day period, it is launching a new jamu merchandise qualified at people today with diabetes.

Termed Glushot, it will contain papaya seed, Javanese ginger, cat whiskers plant, turmeric, and red ginger, claimed to aid persons take care of their sugar degrees.

Every ingredient serves diverse functions, for occasion turmeric have anti-inflammatory qualities, and ginger is known for its antioxidant qualities.

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