Wealth Creation – What I Learnt From Dr John Demartini About Creating Wealth


Dr John Demartini helped me learn the five fears that stopped me short of wealth creation.

Let me share you what those five fears are:

Intellectual Shortcomings

It is the first fear. You know are brilliant, but you may have been led to believe that in the absence of a proper academic education you are not smart. Nothing can be farther from truth. There is always the experiences of life that have made you richer with knowledge. You did not go to a college to learn cooking but yet you turn out to be a great cook. People request you to help them with a dinner. They say you are not smart. You begin to believe them. Then you stop yourself from wealth creation. You are not smart. Therefore you are capable of wealth creation. Since you are not able to create wealth you are not ‘smart’. Break out of that mold.

Physical Inadequacies

This is your personal opinion about your physical attributes. May be you are not tall. You are not ‘that’ beautiful. You are not strong. Therefore you tend to stop short of wealth creation. You get into a loop. You are not into wealth creation because you are not beautiful like the others. You are not beautiful because you do not have wealth. Both premises are wrong. You will remain young and beautiful as long as you continue to do what you love. You can strike that emotional balance.


The fear of failure can break you to pieces. You do not attempt because of your fear of failure. You do something that you are comfortable with. You do not take up a challenge of wealth creation because you are afraid of failure. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to be successful and financially free. You can be a success and excel at creating wealth and abundance.


The fear of losing someone dear to you is one more reason that stops you from wealth creation. The very fear that you may have to lose your parents is greater than the pleasure of winning. For some it could be the rejection of their friends. They just cannot tolerate it. They have this notion that once they are successful at creating wealth their friends may reject them. You tend to believe that you lose the social acceptance.


Did you realize that you are already a leader? May be you lead your family? You lead your school? You lead your friends! That is a sign of leadership. If you can lead someone then you are capable of leading others. You ought to acknowledge that power. That power you hold to lead. Be it your family, your friends, or your organization. You are capable of leading. Update your skills. Align them with what you love with all your heart. The skills of wealth creation are all yours. You can share your joys with all the people around you. Hope you gained enough to ignite your thirst to become a better person.

Those are just a few takes that I thought I’d share with you about what I learnt from Dr. John Demartini and his inspiring seminars on individual wealth creation.

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